Aeroenfriadores Hudson Products



Induced Draft Configuration

High velocity
Reduces hot air recirculation
Plenums protect exchanger bundle from elements
Better air distribution across the bundle
Better process control and stability because the plenum covers 60% of bundle area
Increased capacity in the fan-off or fan failure condition


Forced Draft Configuration


Slightly lower horsepower requirements
Maintenance personnel protected from high exit-air temperatures
Well suited for high-temperature service

Winterized Air-Cooled Heat Exchangers


Ventiladores de Flujo axial

Hudson Products is a world leader in the design and manufacture of high efficiency molded FRP axial flow fans. Standard sizes are available from 5 - 40 feet in diameter for heat exchanger and cooling tower applications. Tuf-Lite II® fans are constructed of light-weight, corrosion resistant, fiberglass reinforced vinyl ester resin incorporating patented Tuf-Edge® leading edge protection.

idfan Faninstl

Tough, light-weight construction
High efficiency
High static pressure capabilities
Low noise
Individual blades balanced to a master standard
Ultra-violet resistant
Erosion and chemical resistant


Available with specialized finishes and materials for custom applications
Metric and nonstandard diameters and hub bores are available
Auto-Variable® fan hubs offer pitch control for energy savings and optimum process temperature control

40-foot-diameter Tuf-Lite® in a Florida power plant cooling tower
Original Tuf-Lite® series fans, diameters range from 5 to 14 feet, with cast hub
12-foot-diameter fan blade with required seal disc and cast hub showing blade socket, retainer rings and jack bolts