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ROOTS® meter Series B3 are designed to provide accurate gas measurement over widely fluctuating flow, pressure and temperature conditions.

Series 3 and Series 2(TQM) accessory units are interchangeable with Series B basic meter bodies. Available Types Include:

CTR - Non-Compensated Counter
CD - Non-Compensated Counter with Instrument Drive
TC - Temperature Compensated Counter
TD - Temperature Compensated Counter with Instrument Drive
CTR or TC with Solid State Pulser - Low Frequency pulse output
CEX - Counter (CTR) with High Frequency Transmitter/Pulser

Series B meter bodies are also available with the integral electronic ROOTS® VTC temperature compensator or the ROOTS® IMC volume, pressure and temperature corrector.


Full Range of Sizes:
12 meter sizes offer a complete range of rotary meters for commercial and industrial metering applications. Select the correct meter size for cost effectiveness and accurate measurement.

Standardized Flanges:
Sizes 8C through 5M have a 6-3/4” (171 mm.) flange-to-flange dimension for standardization in the meter set design. As loads change, meter sizes can be easily interchanged, saving the cost of re-piping.

Accurate Low Flow Performance:
Low start/stop rates extend the rangeability (gas measured) over wider range of flow conditions.

Low Pressure Differentials:
Reducing the maximum operating speed provides lower pressure differentials for low pressure applications, as well as extending the meter’s life-expectancy.


Oil-Free Design:
Series 3 accessories feature high quality and long-term reliability with an oil-free, permanently lubricated design. Oil is not required for the Polymer bushings and pre-lubricated, shielded ball bearings. Permanent lubrication equates to easier installation and less maintenance.

Durable, Weather Resistant Cover:
Optical Quality Lexan® covers on Series 3 accessories offer optional Ultraviolet protection while the cylindrical design allows the unit to easily shed rain, snow, ice, and dirt. The single piece cover design provides added protection against leakage under extreme conditions.

Solid State Pulser Installation Is A Snap:
ROOTS® meters with factory installed Solid State Pulsers are the low cost solution for your AMR requirements. With magnets installed, the pulser assembly literally snaps onto the cover without removing the meter from service. Pulser-ready meters are an economical factory option.

Non-Moving Odometer Masking System:
A unique and versatile odometer masking design using opaque or semi-transparent covers offers configurable, trouble-free masking.

Universal Instrument Drive Assembly:
One size fits all with the Series 3 Instrument Drive Assembly. Inventory costs are reduced by stocking one ID Assembly.

General Information

The ROOTS® meter Series B3 is a positive displacement, rotary type gas meter designed for continuously measuring and indicating the accurate measurement of gas in a pipeline. ROOTS® meters are suitable for handling most types of clean, dry, common gases at either constant or varying flow rates. Meters of standard construction are not directly suitable for handling acetylene, biogas or sewage gas. Contact the factory for information on specially constructed meters made of materials directly compatible with these and other gases.

Volumetric accuracy of the ROOTS® meter is permanent, non-adjustable, and is not affected by low or varying line pressure. Series B meters may be used satisfactorily for pressure ranging from a few ounces to full MAOP. Displaced volume measurement is completely independent of the gas specific gravity, temperature, and pressure.

ROOTS® meters are manufactured in accordance with ANSI/ASC-B109.3 for Rotary Type Gas Displacement Meters. ROOTS® meter series B sizes 8C through 56M have flanged inlet and outlet connections conforming dimensionally with ANSI/ASME standards. Sizes 8C through 2M are available with 1-1/2” NPT connections, upon special request. The meter operating temperature range is from -40°F to +140°F (-40°C to +60°C).

ROOTS® meters series B have a Maximum Allowable Operating Pressure (MAOP) rating of 175 psig (1200 kPa). Every meter is static pressure tested at the factory at twice its MAOP and leak tested at 125 percent of MAOP in accordance with ASME Boiler Pressure Vessel Codes. Other pressure ratings are available. Consult Factory.

Medidores de Turbina

dresser turbine meters 570x495

GE’s Dresser turbine gas meters helps reduce installation and maintenance costs while improving measurement accuracy. Features & Benefits

Our meters are designed to measure gas velocity and the operating principle incorporates an innovative method of conditioning the flow before it reaches the turbine rotor. Dresser™ turbine meters use a Removable Meter Cartridge (RMC), which allows field adaptability from 2” through 12” sizes.

Easy “on-site” maintenance.
Reduced cost of repair by replacing the RMC without the need for total meter overhaul.
Oil refreshing and flushing lubrication system assures optimum accuracy and extended bearing life.
Product life enhanced by a self-cleaning oil system.
Reduced sensitivity to severe gas conditions.
Precision machined rotor, superior components.
Multi-stage flow conditioner.
Main bearing location provides improved protection from pipeline contaminants
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Medidores de Diafrágma

diaphragm meters 570 495

GE’s Dresser residential & industrial diaphragm gas meters feature synthetic diaphragms for longer life, moving parts are encased in self-lubricating material for increased accuracy and are available in a version with top-readable totalizer.

Features & Benefits
Diaphragm Meters Models NP 100, 200, 350 and 600 - These gas meters have the same design and operate on the same principle, but the dimensions of their inner components vary in order to meet different operation requirements.
Diaphragm Meters Model NP 12/110 – an excellent meter for residential use, designed with innovative criteria for fully automated assembling.
Diaphragm Meters Model NP 50/250 - can measure any type gas, such as town gas, methane, cracking gas, LPG, etc.

Probador de Medidores


GE’s portfolio of Dresser™ Meters and Instrument Testing Equipment includes provers, manometer, calibration benches and software for verification and testing of rotary, diaphragm, and turbine gas meters.

Ease of testing and recording

• Calibration Benches are designed to meet the highest demands of accuracy
• Provers are a cost efficient tool to check meter accuracy for regulatory compliance requirements
• Software programs help you configure, calibrate, log data, download data and monitor alarms across your meter install base
• Smart Manometer is a cost effective solution for measuring the pressure drop from the inlet to the outlet of gas meter.

Micro Corrector Electr'onico

dresser electronic volume corrector overview 570x495

GE’s portfolio of Dresser™ electronic instruments includes volume correctors, communication devices and software to calculate the standard cubic feet of gas that has passed through the meter.

Monitor meter health

• Dresser™ electronic volume corrector takes incoming pulses from a meter and records the pressure and temperature to calculate the standard cubic feet of gas that has passed through the meter.
• Dresser instruments software allows you to increase your productivity and work more intuitively with data collected from our products and testing instrumentation.
• The Dresser Chatterbox-e isolation unit provides safety isolation between equipment generating pulses in the hazardous area and non-intrinsically safe equipment located in the safe area.
• Micro logger utilizes the same user-friendly micro corrector user terminal software and communication cables and, is designed to be installed on any part of the distribution or transmission system requiring accurate, safe, and reliable data logging and network status monitoring.

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Medidores con Micro Corrector Electrónico incorporado


The most capable integral gas volume corrector
ever developed for rotary meters
Available in PTZ+ log, P+ log, and T+ log versions

This second generation Micro Corrector has the enhancements customers have been asking for. Using the proven IMC/W platform, features were added that make it the easiest corrector to use. Functions were added that improve low flow measurement, enhance data logging, and lower operations and maintenance costs while retaining the great features introduced in the original IMC/W.

The ROOTS Micro Corrector, model IMC/W2, functions as a compact integral component of the rotary meter, rather than being an adaptation of a product that cannot take full advantage of the integration of meter and corrector. It’s the only integral corrector rated for Division 1 hazardous locations.

Features include:

Rotating Index makes meter reading easy.
Rapidly Updating Flow Rate Display aids meter differential testing in the field.
Fast Prove Mode reduces meter and corrector test times by as much as 90%.
improves meter low flow accuracy allowing the IMC/W2 to pay for itself.
Optional Patented Micro GeneratorTM extends the interval between battery changes.