Oil and Gas

Reguladores Industriales de Presion Mooney GE


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The Mooney Flowgrid Regulator is a pilot operated regulator use for pressure reduction, backpressure control, and relief applications. Its top entry design and minimal parts offer ease of maintenance. The Mooney Flowgrid regulator features excellent stability and rangeability and has very quick response time for applications such as city gate and district regulator stations, power plants, and boiler fuel and industrial gases.


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The Mooney Flowmax Regulator is used in pressure reducing and backpressure applications. It was designed to offer full capacity at low pressures. Its top entry design offers ease of maintenance, and it has a wide range of control with just one actuator. Well-suited for industrial applications, and in gas distribution and transmission, the Flowmax regulator offers a quick response time while requiring a very low differential pressure.

Series 20 Pilot

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The Mooney series 20 pilot operates as the brain of Mooney and Flexflo regulators. It is a pressure control regulator designed to be used as a control pilot. It can be used in gas and liquids, and the same pilot can be configured for use in pressure reducing, or backpressure modes. The series 20 pilot has a large pressure range covered by six springs that are easily changed if needed, and it can be almost completely re-built in the field by replacing a small universal cartridge.

Slam Shut

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The Mooney Slam Shut valve can be a stand-alone device, or be integrated with a Flowgrid Regulator. It is an overpressure and/or under-pressure protection device for gas pipelines that will shut off flow when the sense or outlet pressure in the system either exceeds or drops below the set point pressures. The Mooney Slam Shut features an innovative latch mechanism that eliminates "false trips", or the device slamming shut due to vibration instead of an actual upset condition. The Mooney Slam Shut valve offers reliability and ease of maintenance and reset.